Sunday, 6 November 2016

Winnipeg 2016 HS Football

It's not just family photos that have been keeping me busy.  

I also became a football mum for the first time this year!  I generally make no secret of the fact that hockey is my favourite sport to watch, but I would gladly watch my son and his teammates play football any day of the week!  These boys have worked hard all season long, and it's been a privilege to be witness them grow as players and young men.  

It's also been great to reconnect with the parents of some of my son's teammates whom I've known since they were all in preschool together, and to meet new people as well.  

One way or another, our season ends on Wednesday and no matter the outcome of the big game - I couldn't be more proud of these kids!  Proudly a member of the OP Raider Nation!


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