Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Snow Day Discount!

We won’t get the day off from school or work, but we’re still having our first significant snowfall of the season and that’s reason to celebrate!

Book your family photo session by midnight on Thursday, November 26, 2015 for use by December 31, 2015 and you will receive a 15% discount, that’s $27!

Who am I kidding?  $27 isn’t a neat number - let’s make it $30 and we’ll all be able to sleep at night.

That’s right, instead of $180, you’ll pay only $150 for memories that will last a lifetime.  You can book an outdoor session, or I can haul my gear to your place and turn your space into a mini studio!

Not fond of your own family?  I get it.  It happens.  Why not surprise a family you DO like with a gift certificate; the discount applies to those too!  The December 31st deadline for use doesn’t apply though, because that would be pretty crummy of me, lol.

There are no time limits on family photo sessions.  If it takes us 30 minutes to capture some great memories, super (and surprising, you must have exceptionally well-behaved family, perhaps they can teach mine!), if it takes us an hour and a half, that’s super too!

There are no shot limits either.  This isn’t Walmart, people.  You don’t have to choose the first shot that looks half decent and then pay a 100 MEEELLION DOLLARS to get the photos you actually kind of like where no one is blinking or picking their nose.

Your disc is going to have at least 40 shots on it, I promise.  And they’re going to be pretty.  I promise that too.  If you don’t think they’re pretty, we’re going to do it all again until you do think they’re pretty.

So now you’re asking, “HOW DO I GET IN ON THIS FABULOUS DEAL, Deanna?”.


You email me at info at zaniacphoto dot com (but you format it properly because you’re not a filthy bot seeking to spam me into oblivion) and you say, “Deanna!  I need to get in on this Snow Day Discount thing!  Hook me up!”.

That’s it.  Pretty simple, right?

Let’s get it done, beloved client.  I look forward to working with you!