Sunday, 23 August 2015

Winnipeg Aurora Borealis

The evening of June 22nd/morning of June 23rd saw the perfect conditions for a spectacular show of Aurora Borealis, so of course my son and I packed up the camera gear and headed out to one of our favourite spots.  We weren’t disappointed either.  As we drove down a long gravel road, we were greeted by an eerie fog hovering over the fields on either side of us.  I tried to get some photos, but the light was fading fast and I wanted to reach our destination before full dark set in.

We arrived and set up and I was delighted to see that even though the sky wasn’t completely dark, the aurora was already visible!

What a spectacular show.  The colour wasn’t great to the naked eye on this night, but the display was still stunning.  Even my jaded teenager was in awe and momentarily forgot the Rules of Being a Jaded Teenager and admitted that he was really glad he came out!
WHOA.  I know.  Don’t tell his friends though - have to protect the street cred’, you know.

It was truly amazing.  They were everywhere.  The entire sky was alive!

More photos after the jump - it’s worth it, trust me.

There was a period where the sky was pulsing with the effects of the charged particles of the solar wind.  It was incredible.  I mean, you’re seeing “wind”.  

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