Sunday, 6 December 2015

Winnipeg Autumn Family Photos

I bet this family looks familiar!  Every single time I get to photograph this family, I realize how fortunate I am.  Seeing these boys grow up is such a pleasure!  I am so thankful that they have allowed me to be a small part in the family traditions they make.

So many smiles, and even more laughs!

We do this next shot every time and I love it!

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Winnipeg Senior Photos 2015

Have you ever walked on a railroad bridge?  If you’ve watched the movie, Stand By Me, then you remember the scene where the boys cross the railroad bridge.  If you haven’t seen the movie - watch it right now.  Seriously.  Drop whatever you’re doing and watch it.

WARNING - some NSFW language, and some viewers may find the scene disturbing.

I am not the copyright holder of this material and I make no claims of ownership.  This material is owned by Stephen King, Act III Productions and Columbia Pictures.

Anyhow, in my opinion, this is an extremely accurate depiction of walking on a railroad bridge, even if it’s just a few metres onto it…

Before these photos were taken, I don’t think I’d ever actually been frozen by fear before.  I didn’t realize I was such a chicken!

In my defence, the gaps between the railroad ties are HUGE, and they’re not perfectly even and railroad bridges are kind of shaky, and even if there are sides on the bridge, there’s a good metre wide gap between the wall and the end of the railroad tie.  
Did I mention that the gaps are huge?

I’m not ashamed to tell you, beloved reader - I crawled like Verne until I got back to solid ground.  Then I took some photos.

The beautiful Ms. M was much more brave.

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Winnipeg Aurora Photos 2015

This summer was a tricky one for viewing the Aurora from our location.  There were quite a occasions when the atmosphere put on a show, but unfortunately for the majority of those times, the Winnipeg area was under cloud cover.

 *sad face*

We did manage to catch a show at the beginning of September though.  Sorry for the intrusive watermark.  I can’t remember why I used that one.  I regret it now, but I’m too lazy to change it.

Be sure to scroll all the way to the end to see another September gem!

This was an interesting display.  It wasn’t the most colourful, nor did it cover a huge expanse of the sky (relatively speaking), but it had some fascinating features to it just the same.

This particular shot shows a beautiful swirl that really conveys the motion of the band.  It was like a celestial conveyor belt, swirling in on itself in a continuous loop.  Also note the bright blue proton arc in the upper left region.

September held other astronomical wonders for us as well!

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Friday, 4 December 2015

Winnipeg Family Photos 2015

Jaime was one of my first clients waaaaaay back when she was pregnant with her first daughter.  I was delighted when she called me to do maternity photos for her again a few years later.  This summer, I had the privilege of making some new photos for her and her beautiful daughters.

We thought a lovely golden hour shoot in August would be good, so we met at one of my favourite locations and set out.  I think we lasted 20 minutes, maybe 30.  We were chased out by the mosquitos!

We got some lovely shots, but agreed that we’d try again in the fall when the leaves were changing the mosquitos were (hopefully) gone for the season.

October was free of mosquitos, but chilly!

Winnipeg Wedding Party Photos 2015

Post-ceremony is both a favourite and kind of a dreaded time for me at any wedding.  On the one hand, everyone is relaxed and relieved the smilies are plentiful, but on the other hand, the wedding party’s minds are on a million different things and everyone wants a moment of their attention.

Sometimes I find myself so wrapped up in watching people showering the couple with congratulations that I forget that I’m there to do a job!


The party continues after the jump!

Wedding Photos Winnipeg 2015

The ceremony was beautiful, full of memories and hope, laughs and tears and tributes to the incredible love of this couple!

Congratulations Julie and Nick!

The Ceremony.

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Winnipeg Wedding Photographer 2015

Wedding bells were ringing for this couple in early July.  If you scroll back through a few posts, you might recognize them.

What a beautiful day spent with two wonderful families and their guests, uniting in love and fun.

The day started off cloudy, drizzly and cool.  We were sure the real rain would start at any moment, but it didn’t and when it came time for the ceremony, the clouds parted, the sun shone brilliantly and all was well.

This wedding will be split into three separate posts; pre-ceremony, ceremony and post-ceremony.


They had a lovely vintage shabby chic theme.

But there are some modern amenities we just can’t give up…

After the jump, that magical first look…

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Snow Day Discount!

We won’t get the day off from school or work, but we’re still having our first significant snowfall of the season and that’s reason to celebrate!

Book your family photo session by midnight on Thursday, November 26, 2015 for use by December 31, 2015 and you will receive a 15% discount, that’s $27!

Who am I kidding?  $27 isn’t a neat number - let’s make it $30 and we’ll all be able to sleep at night.

That’s right, instead of $180, you’ll pay only $150 for memories that will last a lifetime.  You can book an outdoor session, or I can haul my gear to your place and turn your space into a mini studio!

Not fond of your own family?  I get it.  It happens.  Why not surprise a family you DO like with a gift certificate; the discount applies to those too!  The December 31st deadline for use doesn’t apply though, because that would be pretty crummy of me, lol.

There are no time limits on family photo sessions.  If it takes us 30 minutes to capture some great memories, super (and surprising, you must have exceptionally well-behaved family, perhaps they can teach mine!), if it takes us an hour and a half, that’s super too!

There are no shot limits either.  This isn’t Walmart, people.  You don’t have to choose the first shot that looks half decent and then pay a 100 MEEELLION DOLLARS to get the photos you actually kind of like where no one is blinking or picking their nose.

Your disc is going to have at least 40 shots on it, I promise.  And they’re going to be pretty.  I promise that too.  If you don’t think they’re pretty, we’re going to do it all again until you do think they’re pretty.

So now you’re asking, “HOW DO I GET IN ON THIS FABULOUS DEAL, Deanna?”.


You email me at info at zaniacphoto dot com (but you format it properly because you’re not a filthy bot seeking to spam me into oblivion) and you say, “Deanna!  I need to get in on this Snow Day Discount thing!  Hook me up!”.

That’s it.  Pretty simple, right?

Let’s get it done, beloved client.  I look forward to working with you!

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Winnipeg Aurora Borealis

The evening of June 22nd/morning of June 23rd saw the perfect conditions for a spectacular show of Aurora Borealis, so of course my son and I packed up the camera gear and headed out to one of our favourite spots.  We weren’t disappointed either.  As we drove down a long gravel road, we were greeted by an eerie fog hovering over the fields on either side of us.  I tried to get some photos, but the light was fading fast and I wanted to reach our destination before full dark set in.

We arrived and set up and I was delighted to see that even though the sky wasn’t completely dark, the aurora was already visible!

What a spectacular show.  The colour wasn’t great to the naked eye on this night, but the display was still stunning.  Even my jaded teenager was in awe and momentarily forgot the Rules of Being a Jaded Teenager and admitted that he was really glad he came out!
WHOA.  I know.  Don’t tell his friends though - have to protect the street cred’, you know.

It was truly amazing.  They were everywhere.  The entire sky was alive!

More photos after the jump - it’s worth it, trust me.

Winnipeg Engagement Photos 2015

Back in September, I promised that you’d see this family again - and here’s the beautiful Julie and her (then) fiancĂ©.   These two are so much fun and we had a great time shooting these photos.  We encountered some suspicious deer and some surprisingly spongy ground, but we came away with all of our shoes and some great photos!

Stay tuned for the rest of the family and the big event!

Winnipeg Family Photos April 2015

I had a chance to spend some time with this great family in the Spring.  They hadn’t all been together in the same place for years, so it was really nice to be able to preserve some memories for them.  Really funny, friendly people!


More Space Weather

More photos of the Aurora, the first ones taken in February of this year.

And from April.

Da Bears

I love the Zoo, but I generally confine my visits to cooler months because otherwise there are too many bugs - and I don’t do bugs.  Especially flying, stinging bugs.

Seeing as how it’s now late August and this is a particularly bad year for flying, stinging bugs - now seems like the perfect time to post some photos from December!

These bears must have taken a page from the etiquette book my siblings and I subscribed to as children…



Oh… you and your siblings didn’t behave that way?  Well… moving along…

Muuuuuummmmm, she’s pretending to be dead again…

Ok, that’s all, I swear.