Sunday, 5 October 2014

Four Generations

This is a super-fun family!  I know Sue from our kids’ elementary school - and she is HILARIOUS.  If you’ve been checking out this blog for a while, you know that funny is one of my favourite qualities in a person, haha.

This is Sue and her family, and her in-laws and their families.  All great people who are so down-to-earth and were so easy to photograph!

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This Place Looks Familiar

If the setting looks familiar, that’s because it’s the same yard featured in the previous post.  This lovely lady is L’s sister, D and her handsome son and their sweet dog.

Have I mentioned that I’m a dog person?  Love me some pups!

D made those stained-glass panels.  They are even more beautiful in person!

D is quite the photographer herself and it was fun to discuss gear with someone else - we use the same camera body, lol.

September Family Photos in Winnipeg

This session was a treat for me.  L was the principal at my son’s elementary school for the last 5 of his 7 years there and over those years, we spent many hours discussing our philosophies on the education of children, parenting, marriage, hockey, lunch programs and a million other random things.  The beautiful matriarch of this family is just a truly incredible person; an amazing educator, and a real inspiration to me.  The rest of the family is pretty great too, haha.

Look at these gorgeous kids!

Keep an eye out for this awesome family to reappear in the spring, and again in the summer!