Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Cougars and Foxes and Polar Bears… OH MY!

I’ve been waiting about 3 years for Journey To Churchill at the Assiniboine Park Zoo to open!  We went for the first time today (To Journey to Churchill, not to the Zoo) and it was soooo worth the wait!

If your jaw dropped when you saw the new admissions prices (I’ll admit it; mine did), go on a Tuesday.  Everyone (over the age of 3) gets in for $10!

I can’t even tell you how amazing it was to see the bears swimming around and wandering in a more natural setting, instead of being confined to the pathetic enclosures they were in before.  The muskoxen, wolves, caribou and seals were awesome too, but I’m all about the polar bears.

More after the cut!

Hudson is chewing on a Kong - the dog toy!  The zookeeper said that he uses it like a soother and in fact, after he’d chewed on it for a while, he was just about asleep!

You can view the entire set here, if you’re so inclined!  If you’ve been on the fence about going - GO!  It’s worth it!

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