Monday, 23 June 2014

More Random Stuff

So, blah blah, got a new lens, shot a wedding with hilarious people… what else?

Well, it seems as though most of the photos I took, I only uploaded to the Eff Bee, and not to Flickr - what’s up with that?

We went to the Manitoba Museum one day, and I uploaded those to Flickr, so here are some photos from the museum…

I think my son might have actually taken this next one.  This is my favourite part of the regular museum - seriously, an entire ship inside a museum?  How cool is that!?!?!?  

Pretty cool.

My kid is such a goof.  An incredibly awesome, cool goof, but a goof nonetheless.


Maybe I’m the goof…

Don’t tell him that.

More after the jump…

We also went aurora hunting/stargazing a week or so ago.  It was nice because it was warm enough that we weren’t in danger of frostbite, but cold enough (about 7C) that there were no bugs!  In addition to the aurora and Mars, we also saw Jupiter, Saturn, two satellites and a meteor!

 Of course, I also forgot the connector plate for my camera, so I couldn’t use my tripod, which led to some creative improvisation…

That little dot slight above and to the right of the moon in this unbelievably artistic shot of the moon reflecting off the roof of my car, is Mars.  FYI - the roof of a car is a poor substitute for a tripod.

This seemingly random streak is actually the International Space Station soaring more than 350km above us, zooming by at a leisurely 27 000 km/h.  That weird looking stuff at the bottom is the aurora borealis.

You know, I’ve lived in Winnipeg my entire life and the aurora isn’t exactly a rare phenomenon, but every time I see it, it still fills me with same wonder and delight.

I think my son actually took this one too.  He’s developing quite the eye!

Note that the horizon is very crooked.  Refer back to the creative improvisation that I mentioned earlier…

Oh yeah, we went to the zoo in early April too.

First is Hudson, second is Aurora.  I wasn’t able to get such “good” shots of Storm and Kaska, but I hopefully will this summer/fall when I visit Journey to Churchill - after the initial, insane crowds taper off a bit, of course.

Look at this crazy fox!

I also took some photos of a snow storm we got on March 16th.

See the snow scoop in the next picture?  This winter killed it.  I don’t mind though - a deceased snow scoop is the sign of a good winter in my opinion.  I love a good, frigid, snowy winter!

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