Saturday, 16 March 2013

Winnipeg Maternity Photos 2013

And, we've reached 2013!  Wow.  The year two thousand and thirteen.  Weird.  Why does that sound so much more sci-fi than 2012?

So, a few years ago, I shot a wedding for Cynthia and Keith.  Then a year later, some maternity photos.  Then, some newborn photos.

I was so delighted when Cynthia called me up again to tell me that she and Keith were expecting their second bundle of joy!

This little guy is really happy to have a little brother to love!


We tried to recreate a couple of shots from our session when Cynthia was pregnant with Nick, here's one of them.


Say "Hi!" to little brother! I love that you can see the shadow of his little nose on mum's belly.


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