Saturday, 16 March 2013

Winnipeg Commercial Photography 2012

There was also some "commercial" photography in 2012! Muzik Etc. (no longer publishing; completely unrelated to my photography I can assure you, haha) , and Drums Etc. enlisted me to shoot the cover and feature photography for two awesome musicians. Bass player Marty Thiessen and Aaron Edgar were featured in each magazine.


I know the watermark says 2011, but these were shot in February of 2012. What a sport Martin is! It was pretty chilly that day.


Aaron Edgar after the cut!

This guy is insanely talented and has an amazing spirit for innovation! You've seen him in my blog before.

It was over 30ÂșC the day we shot these, and we slogged our gear up a steep hill, amid the mosquitos and spiders and other bugs I don't even want to think about.

Of course Aaron is in way better shape than I am, so maybe I should be patting myself on the back instead of him, haha.


The equipment he brought along for this shoot is only a tiny fraction of his overall kit.



Even this is just a fraction. It's pretty insane.


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