Saturday, 16 March 2013

Winnipeg Newborn Photos 2013

A few weeks after our maternity photo session, little Carter was born!



Winnipeg Maternity Photos 2013

And, we've reached 2013!  Wow.  The year two thousand and thirteen.  Weird.  Why does that sound so much more sci-fi than 2012?

So, a few years ago, I shot a wedding for Cynthia and Keith.  Then a year later, some maternity photos.  Then, some newborn photos.

I was so delighted when Cynthia called me up again to tell me that she and Keith were expecting their second bundle of joy!

This little guy is really happy to have a little brother to love!


Winnipeg Wedding Photographer 2012

I've known this awesome family for a few years, and I jumped at the chance to shoot this wedding!



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Winnipeg Commercial Photography 2012

There was also some "commercial" photography in 2012! Muzik Etc. (no longer publishing; completely unrelated to my photography I can assure you, haha) , and Drums Etc. enlisted me to shoot the cover and feature photography for two awesome musicians. Bass player Marty Thiessen and Aaron Edgar were featured in each magazine.


I know the watermark says 2011, but these were shot in February of 2012. What a sport Martin is! It was pretty chilly that day.


Aaron Edgar after the cut!

Winnipeg Family Photos 2012 No. 3

I've photographed this next family a few times, and they're pretty great! These kids have the most awesome eyes, and the eyelashes on the youngest go on forEVER! I love photographing these guys - it's always a very laid-back, smooth process. :D

Another family after the break!

Winnipeg Family Photos 2012 No. 2

I've had the pleasure of knowing this family for years as well, and photographing them a number of times. They are many things, but hilarious, generous, kind and loving come to mind right away.

These four boys are destined for big things, and the journey to get there is going to be one hysterical, wild ride!


Winnipeg Family Photos 2012 No. 1

2012 also brought other things, like family photography!

I've known this family for about 7 (WOW!) years. Really some of the kindest, funniest people around.



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Winnipeg Photographer Epic Update No. 2

Of course, 2011 brought back one of the most awesome things in recent Winnipeg history: The return of the Winnipeg Jets! I was a huge fan of the Jets v. 1.0, and v. 2.0 hasn't lessened that any.

The last part of 2011 brought hockey - NHL hockey. Let's savour that...

Christmas 2011 was marked by an outbreak of Jets Fever.



2012 didn't see any end to the fever.


Winnipeg Photographer Epic Update No. 1

Wow, well at least I can say it's been less than a year since I've updated my blog.  Unfortunately, the last time I updated it, I didn't really update the photos, haha.  I don't even have the decency to be ashamed.

I'm going to start from where I last actually updated, which was in October of 2011.  Yikes.  Thank goodness it's Saturday.  Thank goodness I have snacks, lots of bottled water and a comfy chair.

Sooo... without further ado, here are some shots of our last trip to Banff in November of 2011.


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