Sunday, 15 May 2011

Winnipeg Baby Photographer

We're not done this posting spree yet.  We all know that newborn babies are adorable, but 3 month old babies are adorable too!

Making his THIRD appearance on this blog is our friend Cooper!  Super snuggly little guy and such a great smile!

More super-cute Coop after the jump!

Winnipeg Newborn Photography

THIS JUST IN - once more we see that a baby has emerged from a belly.  This event seems to be happening at an alarming rate every single day all over the world.

The good news is that this event exponentially increases the cuteness level in the world.

This time I'm featuring Cyndi and Keith's gorgeous son, Nickolas.

Really, I'm not sure the world can handle much more of this cuteness, but there's even more after the jump!

Winnipeg Newborn Photographer

Sooooo... after bellies come - BABIES!  It seems in my case the belly came, then the baby came, then the belly was just still there.  But... I digress.  This isn't all about me, now is it?

No, it sure isn't.  This is about a beautiful little man named Cooper.  We first met Cooper when he was still inside his mum's tum.

He didn't feel like camping out though, he was eager for his moment in the spotlight and here it is!

More after the jump!