Saturday, 27 November 2010


Yes, I do sports photos as well.  Do you want to know the most important thing I've learned about shooting  sports teams?
Well, I'm going to tell you anyways...

Don't shoot players in front of a net of any kind, especially not a hockey net.  Just don't.

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Weddings! Part Two!

I think I have one or two more examples, but apparently I didn't download/uploads samples of those.  They're available on my website though -

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Weddings! Part One!

For the longest time I resisted all requests to shoot weddings.

Shooting wedding photos is a LOT of pressure.  I mean, if I totally bork a family shoot, I can schedule a re-shoot and make it up, but brides tend to get really angry if you ask them to re-stage their wedding.

Finally I relented...

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Ok, the plural is a little deceiving, since I think I only compiled examples from one maternity session to add to this blog.

You can see more examples in the Maternity gallery on my website though!

Ok, it seems that "examples" was a fib as well.  Look, it took me approximately 2 hours to gather all of the photos into one album for this blog.

This lovely lady is my friend Jill.  Jill and I have known each other since Jr. High!  Why, that was at least .... uh... a while ago.

Kids, kids and more kids!

Kids are fun - and funny!  Often times they don't realize just how funny they are.

Aaaaaaaah kids.  Can't live without 'em, and the government says we can't beat 'em.

Just kidding.  PLEASE NOTE:  This photographer does not advocate or condone the beating, hitting, spanking, slapping, popping or smacking of children.  This photographer believes hands should only be used for gentleness and nose picking.  Occasionally eating or doing up buttons, or... you get the idea.

Hands to yourselves people!

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Families Part Deux!

Here are some more of the fabulous families I've had the privilege of photographing...

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Ok, in the time it took me to write the intro post, and this post, I changed my mind.  I'm not going to bother with chronological order until I add brand new stuff.

Here are some of the fabulous families I've had the privilege of photographing:

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Zaniac Photo, The Early Years.

One of my first jobs as a "professional" photographer, was with a lovely lady named Leslie, and her family.  In an effort to get my name "out there", I donated free portrait sessions to a whole pile of charities and other organizations.

You'd be surprised how often people win a free portrait session and don't use it.  Probably because most of those are scams to hook people in and then up-sell a bunch of stuff to them.

WORD TO THE WISE:  If you win a portrait session from Zaniac Photo, take it!  I won't sell you a thing. I'll just shoot your photos and give you a disc, I swear.

Welcome to the new photo blog for Zaniac Photo!

I've decided to give blogger a try.  No offence to Wordpress, but sometimes change is good.

I can't guarantee that all the initial posts will be in proper chronological order, but I've attempted to go back as far as my Flickr goes account at least.

I'm also hoping that since the blogger platform seems to be a little easier to use than the self-hosted Wordpress one - I'll actually update this blog as I go.

For those of you that are just stumbling across Zaniac Photo for the first time, I'll give you a little verbal snapshot of me:

My name is Deanna.  I have officially passed my "mid" 30's, and we'll leave it at that.
I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  Voluntarily.  Even in the Winter.  I love Winter.  I hate bugs.
I have one son named Zane, he's 9 at the time of this posting and he's amazing.

Zaniac rhymes with maniac.

I'm fairly laid back, very sarcastic and I thoroughly enjoy making people laugh.

In addition to being a photographer, I am also a lunch lady.  A real, live lunch lady.  I don't serve lunch though, I just supervise kids while they eat the lunch their parents pack for them.  I adore the kids I supervise.

I am currently enrolled in Red River College,  working towards my Educational Assistant certification.  I'm almost half finished the program.   The journey through life with my son, who is autistic, has led me to feel a calling to work with children with exceptionalities.

My current GPA is 4.5.  I didn't even know it was possible to have a GPA above 4.0, but RRC says otherwise.

I haven't decided yet if I will continue on to a bachelor of education degree.

I love music.  I really, really love music.  I always listen to very loud music on my way to a photo shoot. If it wasn't considered socially unacceptable, I would shoot while listening to my iPod.

My musical tastes include a little bit of everything, but you'll most often find 90's hair metal or some form of hip hop on playing on my iPod.  Right now Eminem dominates my playlist.

I use Apple computers exclusively.  Most people quickly get tired of hearing me worship at the alter of Steve Jobs.

Extremely energetic and easily distracted children don't phase me.  I am easily distracted mys... SHINY THINGS!  Sorry, I got distracted.

I am easily distracted by dogs.  I love dogs.  I have two largish dogs.  They are both purebred Canadian mutts.

I loathe having my picture taken.

I am prone to motion sickness.

I drive a station wagon, I don't have power windows or locks, but I do have the premium sound package.  A girl has to have her priorities in line.

The TV is almost always on at my house, but I am seldom watching it.

My laptop is almost always open on my lap, but chances are I'm reading or listening to music, or both at the same time.

If I hear a song playing and I know the words, I have to sing it, even in public.  I can't help it, I have no control over this.  My friends are often mortified by my behaviour.